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Call Us Today!
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Here are some common pest questions.

Q:  I just found bugs in my kitchen!!  How long does it take before they are gone?
A:  Some pest problems can be solved in one treatment. However, other pests such as German cockroaches can take several treatments to gain control. 

Q:   I have children/pets in my house; will your treatment hurt them or me?
A:  Given the proper drying time, the materials we use are safe for everyone.   

Q:  Is it necessary to leave my house for you to treat it?
A:  We suggest anyone with chemical sensitivity or respiratory problems leave the home for 2-3 hours (depending on drying time). Everyone else is welcome to stay at their discretion.

Q:  If you treat my house for bugs will that include termites as well?
A:  Termites live in the ground and require different treatment methods than methods for bug control. 

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